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Potting foil 

Plot all your imagination, letters, logos, icons and stick them on any smooth surface such as glass, PVC, metal and more. Silicone coated paper on one side, 135 g/m², which provides excellent weed-stripping properties. For white vinyl, a light blue silicone paper is used, to form a stronger contrast to lettering.

For plot printing, you must submit a vector graphic with no more than 3 colors.

Offer details:

  • Special PVC film (75 micron) – 135 g/m²
  • 59 glossy + 59 matt colours
  • Great properties for processing on cutting plotters
  • For short- and medium-term markings, letterings and decorations
  • Polyacrylate, permanent
  • 3-4 year of life


Please choose the shiny or mat option.
In case you do not find your colour of choice, please choose and send us the code from the sample picture of the product.
If you still need something special, for example neon colours, metallic or what so ever, please contact us and we can send you all our samples.

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