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Wooden stamps

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Wooden stamps

A wooden stamp is a cheaper option for a self-dipping plastic stamp. Due to the lack of mechanical parts, wooden stamps are very durable. They are therefore suitable for demanding operations where the mechanics of the plastic stamp cannot withstand.  In particular, strong stamping or stamping of the impression into the mass, where it is necessary to use increased pressure in order to extrude the relief (eg ceramics). 

You can choose from different sizes, and rectangle, circle or square format.

  • Available sizes is from 10mm up to 80mm length (5mm increase)  to 10mm up to 150mm height (10mm increase)
  • See available sizes on our offer.
  • If you didn’t find the sizes you are looking for purchase the closest size and we will deal with the rest or contact us for more information.
  • Stamp pad needs to be purchase separately. See our offer and colours here: Stamp pads.

Additional information

Wooden stamp size

30x50mm, 40x60mm, 50x70mm, circle 15mm, circle 20mm, circle 25mm, circle 30mm, circle 35mm, circle 40mm, circle 45mm, circle 50mm, square 20x20mm, square 30x30mm, square 40x40mm, square 50x50mm, square 60x60mm, square 70x70mm, 20x20mm, 20x30mm, 20x40mm, 20x60mm, 20x80mm, 30x150mm, 30x80mm, 40x80mm, 50x80mm, 55x90mm, 60x80mm, 20x100mm, 20x150mm