Roll ups

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Roll Up - Basic

Roll up basic

Cheapest roll up banner. Compact, high-quality system. Lightweight as well as easy to transport and install.

Available at: 85/100 cm x 210cm

Roll Up - Luxury

Roll up Luxury Eco

Premium Roll Up ECO is designed for long-term and short-term advertising messages. This roll up comes on these size: 85/100/120 x 200 cm. It is characterized by a modern elegant design and a very stable construction. We will be happy to deliver the roll up with a printed banner poster. Simply upload your graphics and get a complete custom solution! We supply the entire construction with a protective bag.

Available at: 85/100/120 cm x 210cm

Roll Up Double Deluxe

Roll upĀ  Double deluxe

Double your advertising space and decide for yourself between two identical or different prints. The luxurious look of this Roll up will captivate even the most demanding customer. Thanks to the width and quality of the base, you don’t have to worry about stability.

  • Luxury design
  • Upper clamping profile
  • 3 piece pole with fixed height
  • Comes in a bag with a long zipper and in a box