Rounded Stamp COLOP

350 910  Excl VAT / DPH


Rounded Stamp COLOP
From small and handy up to large and generous – the largest range of formats from round to oval and even a triangle.
  • Produced in high quality materials for reliable, regular and comfortable use
  • Available in all kinds of formats from rectangular to round. For eye-catching and outstanding imprints
  • Almost all common sizes are available from very small up to X-large imprints
  • Offers a wide range of text-, dater- and text-dater-stamps and even stamps equipped with stock text

See also rectangle or square stamp options.

Additional information

Stamp ink Colour

Black, Blue, Red

Rounded Stamps Colop

Diameter 12 mm, Diameter 17 mm, Diameter 24 mm, Diameter 30 mm, Diameter 40 mm, Diameter 45 mm, Diameter 50 mm