Aluminium board 3mm

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Aluminium board  3mm

High-quality, resilient and unique in appearance – of an aluminium board stands for sustainable construction quality and the highest creative standards. It can used for sign material, is distinguished by its outstanding product attributes such as precise flatness, variety of surfaces and colours as well as excellent formability.

Is produced with various core thicknesses in a continuous lamination process and cut to format. All painted panels are supplied with a protective peel-off foil. It can be use on wall signs, objects and let your imagination to evolve. 

Offer details:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor application
  • Is really hard material and is not easy to cut.
  • We will cut your order in the exact dimension of your order.
  • Maximum board size 305cm x 150cm


We do not provide all the colour variations here. Please contact us for more information,  we will be happy to guide you through and show you colour samples, thicknesses and product different values (economic, double sided shiny, colour etc)

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