Web design (Custom design)

85,000  Excl VAT / DPH


Web design (Custom design)

Are you looking for someone to design the dream website of your project? Well here is the best option you can get. We can design based on your request and side by side your website to reach your rich requirements. This package is not for everyone but the once they know what they want and the money is not the issue, then this is for the this kind of people.

  • This process requires a lot fo communication with the client, a brief, and explanation, an introduction. We need to know, and we need to get under the skin of the client, understand and then together design.
  • We provide three possible concepts, which then the client chooses one for further development.
  • Changes on design is possible.
  • After a set design layout is done, with all the rules such as on design also on the programming, we provide a full explanatory PDF which can then be pasted to any programmer for programming.
  • This package includes support from our side to the programer for any kind of adjustments, changes that might be requested during the transformation process.
  • Please note that this is only web design and not programming. If you want a complete package please have a look on our other full products.


For a detail explanation and how does it work, set up a meeting with us and we will be happy to take you through the entire process.