Created as a part of an application for FAMU academy in Prague, in the faculty of photograph. Nine hand produced photographs with the scrabble paper before the exposition of the photograph, exhibited in a big format from black towards white, showing the manipulation of the EGO, that is created from the inside of the human being transferred on the outside and its disappearance by his creator, supported by six other single images.

The exhibition titled ‘Dissolution of Ego’ is about the nature of the ego and its manifestation. The only way for us to dissolve our egos is through the power of our own internal energies in our subconscious minds. This process is shown through a series of 9 photographs depicting the breakdown of the ego.

The Artwork

The technique used is inspired by what is called “Froasáže”, used in dark room development of a photograph through the crumpling of paper.
It yields an outcome which is intentionally beyond the control of the artist in the same we are partially in control of our subconscious.
A true photographer goes beyond the technical aspects and is able to see the idea through the perspective of the lends.
The work can be understood through an emotional subtext with layers of information and hidden symbolism

The exhibition