Choreography is a process where movement and dance present and demonstrate an idea. It is a complex universe where the interpreted ideas create an aesthetic of performance through movement. Within this project, you see the specific notation of paper through a series of choreographed movements and steps; it is the connection of the inscription of paper’s materiality through the movement of a dancer that the artist is trying to bring forth.

Choreographic Paper attempts to define paper as a poetic and versatile material through finding a connection with movement. In a way, paper is already versatile making itself useful in various industries from lifestyle to print, to art and shipping though the abilities of this medium placed in every industry is fundamental and rudimentary. Through choreography and human stimuli or movement, there is a potentiality of translating paper into a three dimensional performance landscape and giving its materiality a context of creativity that crosses the limits of its industrial and banal application. In this process of introducing an adaptable material to the dancer, the movement of the dancer too gets nuanced beyond its existing potential.

Choregraphic Paper // communication

Choregraphic Paper // Installation

Choregraphic Paper // performance

This multi-disciplinary installation is a simple coalition that acts as a metaphor. One that allows you to travel from the incidental existence to the unconscious relation of the architectural shaping of materiality and the choreographing of the viewer to the material. The element that is left when air, gravity and all essence of the earthly collapse is the multi dimensional choreography of the material and the human. Ultimately, there is no space left between the viewer and the self. It is all working together as a unification of existence and creation; this connection renders choreography as an ally, bundling the entire universe inside of itself as a choreographic entity.

Choregraphic Paper //  the book

Choreographic Paper // Behind the Scenes