once upon a time

Once upon a time far away in Cyprus, my life took turn in a young age. Already in high school, I knew I was not a type to be buried in books, but rather the type to create and design. My most favorite times at school were classes spent in arts, design and technology. I was fascinated by endless possibilities of creativity in art, drawing, design, technology; and making them all blend. Watching my mum paint and draw, made my decision easier and I was certain at the age of 17 what I want to become.

To create what was not in the past and go beyond the future.

My very first work

Coming from Cyprus, it is a duty to serve in the army. So right after I finished my high school, I had to join the army. Those two years of my service gave me a chance to go over things and think about the direction of my professional development. Being impatient to start adventure of a lifetime and I had only three months left to finish the service, I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Free get away days were not enough to leave sooner, but opportunity came my way, when our colonel of the base was due his pension leave and the army was building a church as a present for his services in the army. The church was approaching its final steps to completion. However, there was not any campaign setup, or any ideas of promotion nor how to make a big day “the big day”. When I saw the church, unfinished, unpainted, with a construction all over, I thought. 

” why don’t we take few photographs of the current look and “photoshop the rest so we can save some time? “

There it was! I shared the idea with the brigadier general, and I got an invitation to the colonel’s office to discuss my magic trick.I used Photoshop 6.0 and Photoshop 7.0,
which I received from my cousin in a CD with a book of Photoshop, and here I was, working on “My very first work”.


” Experimenting the connection between design and production “

I created an idea of Grafikshop at the end of my bachelor-degree grade at the university of Arts and Design. More or less, it was to support classmates and other students, providing all necessary equipment, materials and consultation services. Initially Grafikshop opened in 2009 near my Uni. I started with what I knew and learned during my school period.
No longer after, half a year or so, more and more commission jobs were coming in and my services provided slowly changed a direction to graphic design and advertising.
Experimenting the connection between design and production was firstly confusing and hard to coordinate, giving my ideas were somewhere else. Trying to transfer the ideas from design to print was either impossible or not motivated. Nevertheless, Grafikshop, during that exact time, started to shape its own unique performance and structure, to connect design and production under one roof, which through the years and through different locations around Prague, built the studio, which can now fully face design and production challenges in-house. That broke all boundaries and created a strong bond between the two elements that our clients value us for the most.

In 12 years being in this field, I managed to gain full trust from my clients around the globe, and I am still working on what I have as my dream,
to “create what was not in the past and go beyond the future”.

the Fine arts honor master degree

Having a few years break from studies, I decided to go back to school and become “the master” at my job. I rejoined the university in 2016 and completed a full project of my own, called “Choreographic Paper”. The project was successful and was chosen as a side event in Larnaca Biennale, in October 2018.


I am proud to announce that in mid. year of 2020, Prestige Award selected Grafikshop as number one for a logo-design service company.
A quote from the jury identified the work we do and how we under-skin our clients to be able to design them.

” their logo designs are thought provoking and memorable, always tailored to the style of the business “

our clients